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Company information

Cynthia Rent A House

Address: Ronaldlaan 53, Paramaribo, Suriname
Telefoonnumber: (00597) 462261
Mobile: (00597) 8630605

For the confirmation of a reservation you will have to pay euro 200. This amount remains as a deposit upon arrival and is returned to you upon departure.

Bank relations:
Bankaccountnumber in the Netherlands:
3869. 57.908 Rabobank Alkmaar e.o.
Bic nr.: RABONL 2U
Iban nr.: NL 15 RABO 03869 57908.
Please mention when paying the name of the model you choose for.

Bankaccountnumber in Suriname:
EURO : 20.691.76.23 HAKRINBANK
USD : 20.690.76.52 HAKRINBANK
SRD : 05.79.327 D.S.B.