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Through Cynthia Rent a house prepaid Internet capability via USB Dongle

3G Data Only
The 3G Data Only sim from TeleG allows you to only surf the internet, so can’t make any calls. Useful for tablets and I-Pads.

What is 3G?
3G (3rd Generation) after 2G, the generation of standards and technology of mobile telephony networks. 3G technology gives users of mobile devices such as phones, laptops, tablets and mobile broadband access to the internet. This allows users to have higher network speeds and a wider range of services with advanced features such as Mobile TV, audio streaming, video calling and online gaming.

What is a dongle?
A dongle is a mobile modem for use on your latop or tablet that has no built-in USIM port. The dongle is also called internet stick. The USIM is inserted into the dongle. The dongle to turn your place ……

How do I install the Huawei E173 dongle?
Connect the dongle to the laptop via the USB port, double-click My Computer, open the folder “Mobile Partner” and double click on “Setup” The “Mobile partner setup” appears, click “Next” The “License agreement” will appear and click ……

What mobile devices can I use mobile internet DATES ONLY?
You can use DATES ONLY on a 3G-ready mobile phone 3G ready Tablets or via a 3G USB modem dongle for your PC.

Can I connect my phone to my PC or laptop to use 3G services?
No, it can not. For a 3G dongle or internet stick on your PC, or laptop to use 3G service. This retails for SRD 160 p / piece at each Telesur service center or at one of the shops TeleG.

Telesur sells 3G-ready devices?
Yes, Telesur sells at its own offices and through the Tele.G. shops 3G-ready mobile phones. Additionally Telesur also sells internet sticks (dongles) and USIM’s.

Are there different types Tele.G. U-SIMs?
Yes, there are two types Tele.G. USIM: one for and one for ALL DATES ONLY SERVICES.De DATES ONLY USIM for use on your 3G-ready notebook and tablet.De DATES ONLY SIM is combined with a dongle / USB stick also for use on the pc.De ALL SERVICES USIM is ……