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Cynthia rent a house huisaanbieden


Reply without obligation on a property. CRH application process is as follows:

  1. 1.Fill in assisting the form as completely as possible. Your request will be handled as soon as possible and CRH sends you a message and then
  2. 2.The application confirmed financially by an amount of 200 euros (standard deposit for short stays) plus 50% of the rent deposit to the account EN 15 RABO 03869 57908 Rabobank Alkmaar and environs in the name of Cynthia Bendt.
    Bic No .: RABONL 2U
    Upon arrival, the balance of the rent (50%) paid cash.
  3. 3.You will after verification of the deposit, an e-mail confirming your request
  4. 4.1 week before arrival the key appointments be made by mail, do you get 3 options.
  5. 5.On departure, the deposit of 200 euros will be settled with you / returned.
    Mentioned in the deposit always the model name that you choose.

Note: If confirmed no refunds will apply for funds instead. The house is en. Kept free for you !! Always take out cancellation insurance.

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